Love and Binding Spells

As a spiritualist, clients often seek my assistance for various love and binding rituals. Before delving into any love or binding spell, I pose these crucial questions to my clients:

  1. Do you genuinely love this person?
  2. Do you have the intention to marry this person?
  3. Are you committed to being faithful to this person?

In the spiritual realm, there are unbreakable universal rules. Clients are cautioned against binding someone if they don’t plan to marry them, as binding spells can potentially hinder a person’s ability to succeed and marry. When binding someone, it is imperative to remain faithful and proceed with marriage unless the person refuses. In such cases, you cannot marry another until the first binding is undone because if the person discovers that you did that to them and turns around to marry another person, it could lead the person to retaliate, even causing harm.

Allow me to share a cautionary tale from about five and a half years ago involving a desperate woman and her daughter seeking to separate a couple. We provided her with remedies and instructions, which she followed. The separation spell worked, leading the man to become romantically involved with the woman’s daughter. They spread gossip and lies about his original lover, cultivating hate within him.

Exploiting a family secret that became public, they convinced the man’s mother to support a marriage to her daughter. Despite public disgust, the union took place. The daughter, already in love with another man, succumbed to societal pressures, choosing her current husband for political power and financial reasons.

Maintaining an affair with her ex-boyfriend, she struggled to conceive with her husband. Eventually, she became pregnant by her ex, attempting to abort the pregnancy. We intervened spiritually and protected the unborn twins.

She later gave birth to the twins, but her husband kept the mother’s identity a secret. Public reaction remained negative. Two years passed, and she got pregnant by another man, giving birth to a son whom she handed over to her husband. The husband named the baby after his father, an act that is forbidden and will come with deadly consequences. The woman and her daughter’s actions are perpetuating a complex situation.

Currently, we are monitoring the situation and will keep our readers and clients posted.

This narrative is a testament to the intricate consequences that can arise from meddling with spiritual forces. It emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations in the realm of spiritual practices.

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